South African Steam – Steam fascination (english version)


With scenes from the George–Knysna line and of the Garratt hauled Union Limited. NB! English narrator/Engelsk berättarröst.

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Februari 2012

This film contains a selection of video scenes recorded by Leif Dahl during the period 1995–2007 along the railway lines west and east of the city of George and from there north to Oudtshoorn. We will see the scenic George–Knysna line where regular steam hauled trains ran into the 20th century. Furthermore, the film shows the 10–14 coaches long Union Limited for which trains the loco shed at Voorbai supplied steam engines, including the impressive Garratt types, to handle the Union tours through the many curves and gradients in the area. More details inside.

Narration: English
Berättarröst: Engelsk

Running time: approx. 70 min.